Kevin Levrone

Kevin Levrone – one of the greatest athletes in the history of bodybuilding.He has earned such words are not so much because of muscle chic.much because.that seems to be a tragic fate in no way broke his.but even gave birth to the phenomenal success of sport.Kevin was born July 16, 1966 in Baltimore, Maryland.In addition to his family had 5 children.In 10 years, Kevin has experienced his father's death – but it was only the first blow in his life Levrone.

Kevin Levrone"It is strange.but it was his father's death prompted me to bodybuilding.- Recalled, "Maryland car muscle," Twenty Years Later.- Then I felt very lonely and avoided every kind of communication.But bodybuilding – sport single, in the room you are left alone and can distract from the sad thoughts ".After college, Kevin begins to engage in construction business, and even opens up your business.All seemingly went well.But after a couple of months (when he was barely 24 years old) mother gets cancer Levrone."I am very upset about her suffering, – said Kevin.- I do not want anyone to see, wanted nothing to do: I could only train ".

After the death of another person close to him Levrone with head goes in the "iron" sport and achieves good results in powerlifting.Incidentally, his first bodybuilding competition, he won by being "lifter".It happened in 1990 at the State Championships.At the urging of friends bought a melting Levrone posing and went to the scene his surprise.won! The following year he became the first National Championship in the United States and won the professional card.

Since Levrone could hardly collect titles, showered him with enviable constancy.Here are just some of the tournaments.conquered Maryland uniques: "Night of Champions".postolimpiyskih series of Grand Prix."Arnold Classic"."San Francisco Pro" and "Toronto Pro".A total of 21 medals uniform Levrone IFBB – it's more.than anyone else! He currently owns gyms in Maryland and Baltimore.In memory of parents Levrone created charity fund for the terminally ill children.Every year he holds the "Classic" own name.all proceeds of which gives the fund and Children's Center at Johns Hopkins.

The year 2002 started for fans of Kevin Levrone with mournful messages: their idol forever leaves a sport for the sake of rock music and moved to Los Angeles close to the monsters of the Phonographic Industry.The solution seemed irreversible.especially since Levrone advertised the sale of shares of its own share of successful Club World Gym in his hometown.However, in February on one of the sites appeared kachkovyh unusual message.if Levrone began to prepare for the "Olympia".Duck? March, Internet ad to sell shares lost Levrone.and in exchange the news reported.on the contrary that he bought the other half of the shares and became sole owner of a huge club.But in July, Levrone announced that the former rejects plans.The music he would write as a fan, and he will remain a professional bodybuilder.More than that, it really will perform at the nearest "Olympia" -2002.So what happened? What has changed plans?

It would not be happy…

The fate of Kevin Levrone had two injuries.The first occurred in 1993 when he did the heavy bench press (226.5 pounds!).The right breast could not stand the weight, broken.And now, ten years back injury.Levrone does squats with a weight under 320 kg and..Diagnosis of doctors: incarcerated inguinal hernia.

"To grow in earnest, – says Levrone – need to apply significant weight.Over the years, the weight becomes more serious.and here comes the day.when you understand.that your body will no longer stand.Suppose you walked into your squat up to 300 kg.How many years you will be able to squat with the weight? Well.perhaps.three or four years in fact,.knees are not designed for.once a week to load them weighing three hundredweight.Then you'll get a trauma.And if you lower the weight, it would mean rolling back the form.So for 40 years pros leave the podium.And this does not mean that they were cooked.Simply, they feel a barrier that is given to step…"

The last injury was very severe Levrone.Many blood vessels were broken.There was a risk of hemorrhage into the abdominal cavity.In fact, the doctors pulled out from the world of Kevin.Levrone himself said that during the rehabilitation period, he could not even look towards heavy.In short, behaved like a driver who hit a car accident and is now afraid to drive.

Doctors banned fiznagruzki for six months, and this time was to Levrone at times soul-searching.For the first time he had free time, and he could spend it on things before the forbidden.For example.hours-long game of pool or trip to a music store on the listen to thousands of musical novelties.For the first time, without prejudice to the case and with the inevitable remorse Levrone could get on a plane and fly to the car show, or to Hawaii.In bodybuilding Levrone 16 years.and as he was joking.for the six months he realized for the first time.what life is like a normal person.

During the mandatory leave Kevin weight dropped to a modest 89 kg.In late summer, Joe Uayder gathered all his "contract" on the red carpet.Levrone and looked at her a stranger.Nobody believed that Kevin will be able to return to the ranks of elite professionals…

In fact, not only back Levrone, but also improved the form: in 2002 he again came second in the "Olympia".Paradoxically, however, the reason for success was just a long break in training.

First, a brief digression.Injury on the eve of Kevin really decided to quit bodybuilding orevnovatelny.Weight does not go, unbearably hurt my knees, elbows, shoulders.In addition to the throne of the "Olympia" the giant went Coleman.which meant.that competitors place in the top five should again grow – to become a leader.The path then one – to raise the intensity, read, practice weight.Levrone panicked.He felt that his strength is running out.In the pros, he was brought many years of heavy wear basic training.And would seem.You can stay.give yourself a break.relatively gentle start fighting for the muscle form.symmetry and separation of the more.that came with the Olympic arena Dorian Yates.However, as it turned out, only to give place to an alien-Coleman.

The first thing Levrone has decided to "raise" the hip.They really got up a few of the new standard.Kevin started heavy squats.The result is you already know.So.when Levrone went back to training.that initially could not find his body – no pain! Weight soared.but knees and elbows to work like a well oiled pistons! Levrone cautiously tried the heavy bench presses for the shoulders – and there is no pain! Moreover.muscles responded to the load as if for the first time."In the professional league for 12 years I.Training have long been torture for me.And then I got back from training a pleasure! "- Says Levrone.He eventually returned to the old battle weight, even with excess.Type "extra" six pounds! As a result, Kevin was more than dangerous competition Coleman.In terms of muscle physiology special miracle in the case of no Levrone.During the six months healed all micro and inflammation, the ones that had become chronic.Previously, tissue and tendons of the many strains discharged its structure and it is again tough.And that means a real increase in muscle strength and increase training of weights.Change is so inspired Levrone.that after the "Olympia" -2002 he decided to take another time out from training.also for six months.

According to Kevin, the time shift leader at the "Olympia" has not come yet.On one side was defeated by Ronnie Shlierkampa, but Coleman's strength is that it Needless to place.Each new "Olympia," he meets a more perfect form.In addition, it is well mastered today posing and skillfully gaining points in an arbitrary program.Personally, for myself, Kevin sees "Olympia" in 2003 as a more complex.In addition to Ronnie he has a new rival in the person of Shlierkampa, as well as "young wolf" by Dennis James

- If the upcoming "Olympia" you will fail and you will not get in the top five.what will happen then? Leave a sport?

Levrone smiles broadly.

- I am 37 years old.I promise the fans that will compete at least until his fortieth! And even longer!

P.S.At the "Olympia" the basic struggle -2003 Kevin Levrone had with Gunther Shlierkampom.Kevin lost a few points and took 6th place (Gunter Shlierkamp finished fifth).

Date of Birth: July 16, 1966
Place of birth: USA
Location: United States, Maryland
Height: 178 cm
Weight: off season -100 kg, 111 kg of the competitive
The highest achievements: winner of the tournament, "Arnold Classic" in 1994 and 1996.second place in the tournament, "Mr. Olympia" of 1992.1995.2000 and 2002.

Kevin Levrone

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